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Words of support from the PWS board

PWS president Lisa Henthorne and vice-president Steve Coffee extend some words of support for the organization’s members during this uniquely challenging time.

Time for introspection, then action

The Produced Water Society (PWS) community has been hit by a double whammy. Not only have our workplaces and social support systems been disrupted by COVID-19, but the floor has fallen out of the foundation of oil pricing, leaving us with long-term job uncertainty. In total, the most senior members in our community have experienced oil price fluctuations of more than 40% at least six times in their careers since the mid-1980s. Volatility is part of the business, but that doesn’t soften the blows when they come.

The directors at PWS have been doing what many of you are doing: spending time in introspection about our families and careers. The directors have also been thinking about how best to help the PWS community through the next few months. In place of our programs previously planned for the Offshore Technology Conference and the Permian Basin, we’re developing a host of new services to freshen up your knowledge base and enhance your at-home networking.

These services include an expanded Water in Oil newsletter with community information about individual members and their transitions in the industry; online webinars beginning in May on pressing topics hosted by industry leaders; updated data resources on the PWS website and the launch of the recycling water quality guidelines, which has been spearheaded by Morris Hoagland, who is building on the work of Aaron Horn. Altogether, we’re aiming to get our members critical information, tools and resources to meet the water management needs of our industry in 2020 and beyond.

Please don’t forget to reach out to us on LinkedIn if you have ideas on how PWS can best help you and your company over the next few months.

– Lisa Henthorne, PWS president

Working together – separately and for the better!

Last week I read a social media post that said, “You mean we have to shelter in place for a few weeks and not be flooded or be without power?” I laughed at first, and then thought about how true that is and how lucky we are.

From a business standpoint, this means most of you are working from home – some for the first time. As someone who has spent 20 of the last 26 years working from a home office (when not in the field), I have some helpful tips to share with everyone who is new to working from home:

• Work your usual hours

• Maintain some normalcy

• Continue to perform the same (or better) quality of work

• Communicate with others

• Use video when fitting

• Avoid scheduling back-to-back-to-back calls

• Allow extra time for people to connect for meetings

• Be understanding of background noise

• Mute yourself whenever possible

• Be patient

I hope our members stay safe, healthy and socially distanced (but socially connected)!

– Steve Coffee, PWS vice-president

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