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Water in Oil calendar

A peek at upcoming events and activities in the world of produced water, as well as key ones you may have missed.

Save the date

Rolling 2021

  • The Groundwater Protection Council launched a free webinar series that will continue through August 2021 with a focus on “Groundwater and Underground Injection Control.” For a full list of webinar topics and dates, and to register for each event, click here.

February 2021

  • 8th – Proposals are due to the New Mexico Water Resources Research Institute and New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium for R&D and demonstration projects aimed at cost-effective produced water treatment and for beneficial reuse and associated research and analysis efforts on produced water availability, quantitative risk assessment and socioeconomic/environmental/ecological cost-benefit analysis. Click here to find background information, project schedules and information on how to participate.
  • 18-19th – California’s Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board will present conclusions and recommendations from its Food Safety Project, which studied potential impacts of produced water reuse for food crop irrigation. The live virtual meeting will be held twice at 9a-5p PST. To tune in on Feb. 18, click here, and to watch on Feb. 19, click here.
  • 19th – This is the deadline to submit an expression of interest to Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) for entering into a commercial licensing arrangement to bring to market its “Modified Ceramic Membranes for De-oiling of Produced Water and Industrial Effluents” technology. Reference materials, technology descriptions and contact information can be found here.
  • 23rd – PWS will hold a virtual event on “Innovation: Impact on Produced Water Management and Treatment” starting at 1pm CST. The event will include a keynote address by Peter Fiske of the National Alliance for Water Innovation, an operators’ panel and a networking event. Register for the event here.

March 2021

May 2021

  • 12-13th – Early bird registration is open for the Oilfield Water Markets conference, which will be held at the Hyatt Regency in Frisco, Texas. Learn more about the event here.

Summer 2021

  • TBA – The PWS Annual Seminar 2021 has been rescheduled to take place in the summer. More information on the event, which will focus on “Produced Water Management in a Rapidly Changing World” will be available soon, and those interested in presenting can submit abstracts here.

September 2021

In case you missed it

January 2021

  • 15th – The EPA gave the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) the authority to grant National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits. A public hearing on the matter was held on January 5th. Comments submitted in support of and against the proposed delegation of NPDES authority can be viewed in the hearing transcript and notice docket.

December 2020

  • 9th – PWS’ Middle East chapter held a virtual panel with representatives from PDO and Maxoil to discuss Flow Assurance Challenges and Best Practices in the region. Click here to here to access the recording.
  • 8th – The International Desalination Association will host a Remo networking event for those interested in teaming up with quarterfinalists in the US Department of Energy’s Solar Desalination Prize competition. Access the event recording here.

November 2020

  • 30th – Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA), has released its 2019 Annual Report, which includes information on progress made regarding produced water reuse, steam generation and mine tailings cleanup. Access the full report here. 
  • 18th – PWS hosted an operators panel called “How has the emphasis on ESG and sustainability influenced your produced water management and operations priorities?”. To view a recording of the event, which included Occidental Petroleum, Apache, WPX Energy, Chevron, Cimarex Energy and ConocoPhillips, click here.

October 2020

  • 27th – PWS held a webinar with presentations by Swirltex and Pacifica Water Solutions discussing membrane treatment technologies. Watch the webinar recording here.
  • 13th – PWS held a webinar with presentations by Heartland Water Technology and HyQ Technologies discussing brine concentration technologies. Watch the webinar recording here.

September 2020

August 2020

  • 28th – The National Alliance for Water Innovation (NAWI) issued a request for proposals for innovations in intensified brine management. The RFP can be viewed here.
  • 21st – A team of researcher from Lamar University and the Indian Institute of Technology published an open access paper titled A Review of Algae-Based Produced Water Treatment for Biomass and Biofuel Production. Read the full text here.
  • 12th – California’s State Water Resources Control board held a virtual public stakeholder meeting during which US Geological Survey scientists presented studies under a program to evaluate potential impacts on groundwater resources from oilfield operations. The webcast can be viewed here.
  • 12th – Morris Hoagland presented PWS’ August webinar on a common water quality guideline for recycled water in the Permian Basin. Hoagland spoke with dozens of industry stakeholders to identify acceptable parameters for key constituents to craft a clean brine guideline. Watch the webinar here and access the draft guideline here.
  • 8th – Laura Ferrando-Climent, who presented at both the PWS Middle East 2019 and PWS 2020 Annual Seminar events, has released a new study with several colleagues. The study, titled Sustainable microalgae-based technology for biotransformation of benzalkonium chloride in oil and gas produced water, can be accessed here.

July 2020

  • 20th – Kevin Burns, former vice-president of engineering at Blackbuck Resources, spoke on the Oilfield Basics podcast about produced water disposal issues including facility design and permitting rules. Listen to the full episode here.
  • 15th – Lagoon Water Midstream president and CEO Kevin Lafferty spoke on Morning Fuel about the water midstream sector, produced water recycling practices and industry legislation recently passed in Oklahoma. Watch the webinar episode here.
  • 13th – The Groundwater Protection Council Produced Water Task Force and New Mexico Produced Water Research Consortium jointly presented a virtual workshop to discuss developing a national plan for water reuse in the oil & gas industry. Click here to watch the webinar.
  • 10th – NAWI, which was chosen by the Department of Energy to head the Energy-Water Desalination Hub, held a webinar to introduce the Process Innovation and Intensification topic area of its general research program. That webinar and previous ones from NAWI are available here.
  • 9th – Hani Al Khalifa, PWS Middle East Chapter president and senior operations advisor at Saudi Aramco, will moderate a webinar panel at 2pm KSA on the topic of “Mapping the future of produced water in the MENA region”. Representatives from Saudi Aramco, Petroleum Development Oman, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and Dragon Oil will discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic and oil price crash are affecting produced water management. Click here to watch the webinar.
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