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Water community shelters in place

What have oil & gas water experts been doing with offices and field sites closed, and without the regular stream of conferences and workshops?

Water in Oil reached out to some of our members and conference support teams around the globe to see how they are coping under shelter-in-place orders. If you’d like to share snapshots of your lives without proper haircuts and desk chairs, please reach out to WiO editor Jess Chapman. For now, here are some of the photos we’ve received.

Lisa Henthorne, Water Standard – Arizona, US

Hani Al Khalifa, Saudi Aramco – Saudi Arabia: Having too much fun with camera filters thanks to lessons from his daughter

Chip Westaby, Turner Designs/PWS – Missouri, US;

Emily Sappington, ExxonMobil – Alaska US;

Steve Coffee, Exterran – California, US;

Veronica McNew, Environmental Enterprises USA – Louisiana, US: PWS members at a virtual happy hour

Michael Dunkel, Advisian – Texas, US: “This is the longest my hair has been since the early 1980s. Viva la revolución!” Laura Capper, EnergyMakers Advisory Group – Texas, US: Strange times call for blue hair Tom Pankratz, Water Desalination Report – Texas, US 

Morris Hoagland, Jade Dragon – Louisiana, US: Morris didn’t share a current photo, but this one from 1979 gives us an idea of how he might look without access to a barber for a couple months

Brent Halldorson, RedOx Systems – Texas, US: “Trying to decide between a T-shirt (dressing up!) or just my undershirt is a big question for me daily.”

Jess Chapman, GWI/PWS – Texas, US: Trained up a couple of brilliant home office assistants, dyed hair four times

Tzahi Cath, Colorado School of Mines – Colorado, US

Laura Ferrando-Climent, Institute for Energy Technology – Norway: “My six-year-old daughter left a garden snail at my desk and I didn’t even notice until it was on my laptop.”

Zac Roesch and daughter, GWI (former) – Texas, US: “I wore a mustache until I couldn’t look at myself anymore; it’s worth reporting that I have not cut my hair.”

Arian Edalat, Pacifica Water Solutions – California, US: “I tried to keep myself looking as normal as possible as a defense mechanism against going crazy.” Duane Germenis, Veolia Water Technologies – Texas, US: With a beard in his pop-up camper during shutdown Danielle Shaw, GWI – UK: Taking advantage of being so close to the beach and making the most of time with family

Keith Minnich, Third Bay – Alberta, Canada

Bonnie Eastland, GWI – Colorado, US: “I’m looking forward to warmer weather and to someday soon being able to welcome family and friends to our home for beer and bbq.”

Justin Love, Blackbuck Resources – Texas, US: On a morning kayak conference call, eager to go to an Astros game

Willem de Waard, Barock Oil, Gas & Water – Netherlands: Before and after

Isabel Brull Rios, GWI – UK: “My wedding got cancelled and I wore a toilet paper veil the entire day.”

Roxy Ali, GWI – UK: Working on fitness goals, perfecting new recipes and enjoying the surprisingly nice English weather

Kelly Bennett and part of the B3 Insight team – Colorado, US

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