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NMOCD’s Water Use Report Search goes live

Water use data collected from operators will make it easier for New Mexico’s regulators to develop policies and strategic goals.

On November 20, New Mexico’s Oil & Gas Conservation Division (NMOCD) launched an online portal that will house data collected from water reporting by oil & gas operators. Operators are required to report the volume and type of water used in new well completions within 45 days.

The Water Use Report Search uses four water type categories: produced water, fresh water – less than 1,000 ppm of total dissolved solids (TDS), brackish water – more than 1,000 ppm TDS but less than 10,000 ppm TDS, and saline water – more than 10,000 ppm TDS. So far, only data from 16 wells belonging to Mewbourne Oil and Tap Rock Operating is included in the portal (see chart below).

he new mandate on water use reporting, which went into effect on October 13, 2020, stems from the Produced Water Act that was passed by the state’s legislators in July 2019. Susan Torres, a public information officer at the state’s Energy, Minerals & Natural Resources Department told WiO that the portal is expected to streamline processes for NMOCD staff and allow the public to access information more easily.


Operator water reuse, Oct 15-Nov 20
NMOCD Water Use Report Search
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