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News in Brief

A roundup of the main developments regarding water in the oil & gas industry for August 16-30

South America-focused operator Gran Tierra Energy said it has finished commissioning expanded water injection facilities at its Acordionero field in Colombia. The company now injects about 28,500 bbl/d of water, but plans to eventually bring that to 40,000 bbl/d. Gran Tierra also said it planned to eventually raise water injection at its newly acquired Cohembi field to 60,000 bbl/d, up from the current rate of 19,000 bbl/d. The waterflood projects will help boost hydrocarbons production at the fields.

On August 19, Antelope Water Management and Encore Green Environmental announced they had signed a memorandum of understanding at the Produced Water Society Permian Basin 2019 conference earlier this month. Together the companies will look for opportunities to treat produced water and apply it to projects outside the oil & gas industry. The companies are looking at projects in Wyoming, Texas, and New Mexico.

Water midstream company XRI Holdings completed its Northern Delaware Basin Supersystem, which includes 125 miles of permanent pipelines, pump stations and storage facilities throughout Lea and Eddy counties in New Mexico. As a result, XRI will be able to supply 100 million bbl of industrial and non-potable water annually and transport up to 350,000 bbl/d of water.

H2O Midstream said in an August 21 press release that it had acquired water assets from exploration and production company Sabalo Energy. Along with 37 miles of pipeline, nine saltwater disposal wells (SWDs) and four Ellenburger SWD permits, H2O also received a 15-year contract to provide Sabalo with water gathering, disposal, and recycling services. With the addition of the new assets, H2O’s disposal capacity rises to 435,000 bbl/d. The company also said it was adding 40,000 bbl/d of recycling capacity, which could eventually grow to 80,000 bbl/d.

In mid-August, around 20 seismic events were recorded in Kansas’ Reno County over less than a week. The quakes, the largest of which reached a 4.2 magnitude, have prompted officials to investigate whether SWD injection activity in the Arbuckle Formation is to blame.

The UK’s Oil and Gas Authority ordered E&P company Cuadrilla Resources to halt fracking at its Preston New Road asset in Lancashire following seismic activity. The area has recently experienced several tremors, including its largest ever, a 2.9-magnitude earthquake on August 26. Cuadrilla had resumed fracking at the site in mid-August after shutting down in December 2018 due to a 1.5-magnitude quake.

The US Department of Energy has given University of Wyoming associate professor Katie Li-Oakey a $699,904 grant to study the use of smart membranes for pollutant removal and extraction of valuable materials from industrial liquids including produced water. The project is titled “Turnable, Nonporous, Two-Dimensional Covalent Organic Frameworks for Size and Charge Separations.”

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