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Moving with the times

PWS president Lisa Henthorne provides a quick look at what’s ahead for both the organization and the sector, and encourages our community and collaborators to continue striving for better produced water management.

The Produced Water Society (PWS) will soon be transitioning to a new management partner to better serve and expand our membership. It’s an opportunity to celebrate what’s great about being a non-profit organization during our industry’s uncertain times – we all need someone to lean on, and where better to come than an organization dedicated to improving how we manage water in oil & gas?

We’ll announce the identity of our new management partner during our February 23 “Special Seminar,” which is coincidentally devoted to the topic of innovation. This event will feature a keynote address by Dr. Peter Fiske, executive director of the Department of Energy’s National Alliance for Water Innovation, followed by an operators’ panel and a wide choice of roundtables focusing on various aspects of innovation in produced water management.

Innovation is key to our future. PWS encourages our community to be curious and seek out improvements in all aspects of produced water management. We encourage all stakeholders to embrace the changes presented by a new administration, as well as potential new regulation. We also encourage oil & gas professionals to find value in produced water, to develop cost-effective and sustainable methods to harness that value and to push ourselves to the next generation of produced water management solutions. I hope you will join PWS on February 23 to explore these topics further. You can save your spot for the event by registering here.

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