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LightOre brings next-level filtration to North American market

In the upstream oil & gas industry, OreFilter’s diatomite earth media is suitable for treating process water, hydraulic fracturing source water and produced water containing high oil and TSS content.

Following numerous successful pilots in Russia and Europe, LightOre is bringing its OreFilter product to the North American market. The company’s 200-L/h pilot station is already lined up for trials at two sites in Canada, one of which has the added challenge of polymers in the feedwater. LightOre is also currently in discussions to potentially test the media with several member companies of Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance.

Yatin Pandit, LightOre consultant and director of business development in North America, told WiO that OreFilter can accept any amount of oil without impairing the media’s properties or performance, making it ideal for use on streams with high oil and TSS content (see table 1). With a single- or dual-stage pass, the media (of which LightOre can provide different grades depending on client needs) can remove more than 99% of oil and TSS.

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