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Keep your balance

PWS vice-president Steve Coffee reminds the produced water community about the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between old and new ways of living during these strange times.

My first blog in March focused on working together but separately for the better. I have to say, the shelter-in-place/lockdown world has taught us many things (in addition to the fact that it’s not a good idea to accept 17 Zoom meetings in one day). It taught us about the importance of balance: Maintaining physical and mental health and wellbeing to not only increase productivity, but also to help us become more rounded individuals with fuller lives.

As we move forward, we are given opportunities to observe and adjust. It is wise to embrace those opportunities. Time is relative and its worth depends on what we do with it and how we choose which aspects to change and improve upon.

It’s fair to say that 2020 didn’t turn out as planned, but I’ve been fortunate to have so many people share their positive experiences with me this year due to the many changes in their lives. For example, there is the colleague who had been living in a different country than his family for the last four years but “got stuck” during a trip home due to travel restrictions and is now reconnecting with family and considering not going back to a life spent apart. There is also the engineering student attempting to figure out how and when he can finish his degree but who has also realized how much he really enjoys learning about history during his time away from textbooks. And there are numerous people who are suddenly out of work and remembering the hobbies they used to enjoy or the exercise routines that are becoming routine again. And then there is also the person who is keeping strong and enjoying work every day while undergoing chemotherapy.

Regardless of the situation, we must balance our day-to-day lives, define the most important things and concentrate on them while observing and adjusting as we move forward in strange times. Maintaining core values and focusing on foundational elements will help us keep our balance as a community and as individuals. This is THE time to assess (self, company, purpose, etc.) and maintain connections with others. Reach out to a few of your fellow Produced Water Society members this week. By offering something to others, you may get so much back in return.

Stay safe!

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