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Building a foundation of produced water knowledge

John Walsh, a member of the PWS board of directors, provides a glimpse at another Society initiative aimed at preserving and sharing expert produced water knowledge on various topics.

This year, for the first time, the Produced Water Society is putting together a compendium of papers. The objective is to create a place where knowledge will be captured and retained. This will be the Society’s first edition and will be made available free of charge to all registrants to the 2021 PWS Annual Seminar. About 20 papers will be included, most of which have been presented at a meeting over the last few years. Papers will be either original material, shortened versions of previously published papers, or PowerPoint presentations that have been written up. A few of the themes to be covered are:

  • Geological influence on produced water properties
  • Approaches to making reuse really work
  • Optimal treatment for clean brine
  • New membrane-based technologies for high-salinity desalination
  • Trends in disposal system design

One motivation behind this effort is the current lack of an industry publication for produced water. Years ago, PWS published a limited number of papers in trade journals, but this was not a good fit for the highly specialized nature of produced water and editors quickly lost interest. A standalone compendium should give us a much better outcome. Though more than 900 papers and presentations are already available to PWS members in the Library of the website’s Resources Section, we felt that publishing an annual compendium of meeting highlights will help members to better find specific information. The compendium will also become an interesting account of PWS’ continuing journey.

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