PWS Perspectives

PWS Perspectives is a blog through which PWS board members share their insights and outlooks on the many aspects impacting the advancement of best practices in the produced water sector.
Moving with the times

PWS president Lisa Henthorne provides a quick look at what's ahead for both the organization and the sector, and encourages our community and collaborators to continue striving for better produced water management.

Better data, better treatment outcomes

PWS board member Chip Westaby discusses key considerations operators should make when choosing between water treatment systems, as produced water quality and discharge regulations vary widely.

How is ESG impacting produced water management?

PWS president Lisa Henthorne discusses ESG trends ahead of our Nov. 18 operators’ panel, which will focus on how the sustainability focus has impacted produced water management.

A challenge to academia: Offer a degree in produced water management

PWS board member Brent Halldorson calls on universities to provide specialized education to improve produced water management operations and knowledge transfer.

Building a foundation of produced water knowledge

John Walsh, a member of the PWS board of directors, provides a glimpse at another Society initiative aimed at preserving and sharing expert produced water knowledge on various topics.

Where is innovation needed?

PWS president Lisa Henthorne proposes the sector take a holistic approach to improving water management rather than strictly focusing on innovating treatment technology.

Keep your balance

PWS vice-president Steve Coffee reminds the produced water community about the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between old and new ways of living during these strange times.

A common quality specification for produced water recycling

PWS board member Morris Hoagland discusses the benefits of adopting a clean brine common quality specification, an initiative which he will present during a webinar later this week.

US investment in produced water treatment research

PWS president Lisa Henthorne takes a quick look at the encouraging amount of funding and support that the US produced water space has recently been given by government entities.

Water midstream – an outsider’s view

Michael Dunkel, a member of the PWS board of directors, contemplates the impacts of the pandemic-related oil price crash on the water midstream sector.

Through the Trough of Sorrow to the Promised Land

PWS president Lisa Henthorne encourages continued professional and community development during hard times to prepare for opportunities as the industry recovers.

The case for water management solutions beyond disposal

PWS vice-president Steve Coffee asserts that the industry must continue to push for greater reuse and recycling of produced water

Will the 2020 downturn change the way we think of produced water?

PWS vice-president Steve Coffee looks at how lessons learned from previous downturns can drive improved produced water management

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